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  • Do NOT give birth on your back.

    Laboring in the sitting, squatting or standing position and squatting to give birth is the best method to prevent shoulder dystocia.

  • Leave the TOOLS in the GARAGE!

Forceps and suction assisted deliveries may increase injury incidences and/or the severity of injuries.

  • Birth is NATURAL, not a medical procedure.

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  • 2-3 Injuries for Every 1,000 Births

    More occurrences than Down's Syndrome!

  • Not Your Fault Mom!

    Nearly all obstetrical cases are preventable with proper delivery techniques!

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    Visit our resources guide for other frequently asked questions and resources!

  • National Exposure

    This 5-minute video appeared nationally on PBS stations to millions of viewers. Click here to view.

  • Full Length Documentary

    A 25-minute detailed look on the impact and ways to prevent the injury. Click here to view.

  • Purchase Your Own Copy

    You can have your own copy on DVD to keep or share for only $11. Click here to purchase and spread the word!

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