Thank You UBPN Donors



UBPN would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who have donated to our organization.
If you would like more information on making a donation to the United Brachial Plexus Network, click here.
If you have made a donation and do not see your name listed, or if you would like to dedicate your donation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 2014 Donors and Corporate Sponsors

Paul and Denise Fejtek
United Way of the National Capital Region by Ms. Emily J. Humphrey
Rachel Smith in honor of Arden Smith
Molly Tapias
United Way of Sheboygan County
Hoopla of New Hartford
DYNE Branding
Gertrude Berlinger
Myomo Inc.
ATT Employee Giving Campaign
United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut


2013 Donors and Corporate Sponsors

The United Way of Western and Southeastern Connecticut
Constance and Jay Many
UW Greater Chippewa Valley
Karen Skinner
Ms. Emily J. Humphrey
Gertrude Belinger
Elizabeth Murray
Michael Davies-Sekle
Robert and Margaret Gigax
Donna Cliff
United Way of Central and Northeastern CT
First Giving
Ralph and Kathleen Mallozzi
Rita B. Gayeski
Mary E. Finn
Shirley J. Rank
Timothy Driskell
Ann M. Loudenslager
Randy Shawn and Katelyn Gibbs and the Lasalle Middle School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United Way of Sheboygan County
William T. Roitt
Kara Rutherford and Project Boost


2012 Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Milton Eagles Volunteer Fire Department
Debbie Swinford in honor of Gabrielle Arvizu
Donna Cliff
in honor of Gabrielle Arvizu
Robert and Margaret Gigax
in honor of Gabrielle Arvizu
Michael Davies Sekle
Elizabeth Murray
Christine Kienzle in honor of Caroline
CDR J. Howell De Loach, USN (ret) in honor of Rear Admiral Jay A. De Loach
John and Diane Fallon
Jesse Reiter
Esther Kart Russel
Mike Delatorre
Diana Capers
Nancy McCauley
Martha Lawrence
Lynda Rayner
Bryanne Adler
Rich Ferrante
Terry Wilmot
Brendan McQuade
Virginia Kish
Marilyn Wood
Jami Krayeski
Gertrude Berlinger in honor of Kyle Heika
Allstate Giving Campaign
Mary Hughes
The Looby's
James and Rosario Schroeder
Darren and Terri Harkey
Margaret Zurheide
John and Denise Streu
Deb and Bill Wilson
Diane Jones
Julie Fadel
Christine Wolfe
John & Joanne Cronin
Maureen Martell
The Moore Family
Anne and Basil Cronin
The Collins Family
Gail Glasheen
Anthony Dukes
Michael J. Cronin
The Ferrante's
The Yenke's
Ed Dann
Connie Maney
The Greenfields
Sr. Mary E. Looby
Shirley Kalogeropoulos
Regina Lucero
Joan and Tom  Looby
The Richardson's
Rich Looby
United Way of Central & Northeastern CT for Karan A. Skinner
United Way of the National Capital Region        Ms. Emily J. Humphrey
United Way California Capital Region
Sheboygan and Plymouth Area United Way
Robert Kincaid
Ohio State Eagles
Ken Levine and associates
Hefferman Group Foundation Via John Peterson
Jimy Rizo's/Michelle Marra IN MEMORY John Stellingwerf
Mary C Mara IN MEMORY John Stellingwerf


2011 Donors & Corporate Sponsors


in honor of Isabell Williams
United Way of Central & Northeastern CT
Jamie Sexton
United Way California Capital Region PCFD account
Trans-Border Global Freight Systems
Fenimore Asset Management
William Norton
Naomi Jones
Kevin Seavone 
Ms. Trina M. Roney
Ms. Emily J. Humphrey
Karan A. Skinner
Donna Bergin in honor of Aaron Thurman
Patrica Wagner
Rose Paralitici    In honor of  Kendal Rose Cipriani
Donna Burgin    in honor of Aaron Thurman
Patricia Wagner   
Lycoming Clinton Counties Commision for Community Action for Traci Foster
Jill Drowne
Darren and Terri Harkey
Dustin Dale Thomas
Andrea P. Albright
Gertrude Berlinger
Constance Maney
Margaret Zurheide
Andrew W. Stone
Michael  Schiavone
Kylene   Jordan
Richard J. Looby
Patrick Shields
Frances Sylvester
Bonnie Witt
Lucille Lamberto
Ann Hemings
Samantha Wallace
Robert J. Gantz III
Linda Konitski
Kristine Shafer
Leslie J. Fischer
Kevin S. Dubner
John A. Suits
Deborah Perreault
Maria S. Ray
Barbara Drummond
Herman D. Ray
Lolita R. Capers
William Hayton
Heather Dzurko
Stephen Clark
Bruce Toney
Wendy Cardamone
Douglas Boales
Tina R. Boales
Jill Coolik
Catharine L. Kardach
Veronica Marie Burt
Lisa Zoufonoun
Kim Hanrahan
Tina Boales
Caven F. Wilson
Cliff Reader
Chi L. Nguyen
Pilar Ramon
Michael L. Pearl, Md
William Hayton
Wendy Carter
Scott D. Priestly
Joanne Segovia
Heather M. Haslam
Douglas Boales
Tori Dellicarpini Gertrude Berlinger in honor of Kyle Heika
Grant Works in honor Isabelle Williams
United Way California Capital Region
United Way of the National Capital Area
Andrew W. Stone In honor of Marvin Stone
Margaret Zurheide
Chris Hacker
United Way Central and Northeastern CT via Karen Skinner
Lisa Duncan
Michael Servello
Diana S Beck
Rod Shipley
Jacqueline Tramontin
Martha Anders
Jessica Fredette
Helene Arcuri
Beth Gehring, DDS
Hefferman Group on behalf of John Peterson
Blume, Goldfaden, Berkowitz, Donnelly, Fried and Forte
Cheryl Cheney
Paul and Denise Fejtek
Trans-Border Global Freight Systems
Fenimore Asset Management

2010 Donors & Corporate Sponsors


Gertrude Berlinger (in honor of Kyle Heika)
Sarah Blundin
Alta Mae Constantinides (in honor of Kennedy Michelle and in memory of Erin C. Hill)
Cdr. Jesse DeLoach (in honor of Rear Admiral Jay A. DeLoach, U.S. Navy)
Elizabeth Durbin (in honor of David Cummins)
Robert W. Ellis
GrantWorks (in honor of Isabelle Williams, Prevention)
Rose Mary Harris and Calvin Harris (in honor of Kennedy Michelle and in memory of Erin C. Hill)
Martha Jennings and Family (in memory of Erin Colleen Hill)
Brenda Copeland-Moore
Ashley Kauanoe
Paul and Christine Kienzle (Camp UBPN 2010)
Constance and Jay Maney
Network for Good
Norwalk Eagles Aerie #711 (in honor of Alexzander Ritter)
Anna Marie Oestereich (in honor of Kennedy Michelle and in memory of Erin C. Hill)
Isabelle and Andrew Strobing (Camp UBPN 2010)
Esther Russel
Claudia Strobing
Sarah McGrath
Lisa A. Bowie
Catharine L. Kardach
Veronica Marie Burt
Lisa Zoufonoun
Kim Hanrahan
Tina Boales
Caven F. Wilson
Cliff Reader   
Chi L. Nguyen   
Pilar Ramon   
Michael L. Pearl, Md   
William Hayton   
Wendy Carter   
Scott D. Priestly   
Joanne Segovia   
Heather M. Haslam   
Douglas Boales   
Richard J. Looby   
Tori Dellicarpini
Ann Hemings in honor of Miss Samantha Wallace
Karen A. Skinner
Dari Pazooki
Dustin Thomas
Andrea Albright
Allstate Giving campaign
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
united Way National Capital area
United Way California Capital Region
Amanda Smith
Good Search
Susan K Crawford
Seymour and Doris Sminth
Evan Mendelman
Francine Litz
Kwest Communications
Blume, Goldfaden, Berkowitz, Donnelly, Fried and Forte
Valley of the Sun United way
Cheryl Daisin
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Dorothy and Sheldon Cohen In Honor of Judy and David Thornberry
Ken Levine and associates
Christine Harkinson
John P. Glisczinski
Sherman IGA inc
Rhonda Breen
Penny Cushman
William Cook
Elizabeth Orzel
Sarah Pellerin
Michael Gormley
Patricia Tesch
Richard Looby
Deborah Stefaniak
Leo Patnode
Rebeca Rodriguez
Donna Sprankle
Vincent Ross
Jane Gallagher
Jerome Fitzgibbons
Joanne B. Sheehan
Corey Black
Richard Lisieski
Timothy Dickenson
Johnathon Roz
Paul Wilson
Gary Keller
Timothy Boyle
Kevin Warren
Elisa Schneider
Stephanie Zweig
Wilma Maloney
Amy Nash
Jeff Leveillee
John Zacher
Stephanie Zweig
Glenn Davis
Kelly Martin
Thomas Ball
John Zacher
Margaret D'Andera
United Way California Capital Region
Valley of United Way


2009 Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Michael Allardi
Andrea Allbright
Allstate Giving Campaign
Nancy Anderson (in memory of Liz)
Annette Annesley (in honor of Claire Smith)
Nancy Aten
Cathy Bloomer
Megan Bloomer
Karen Mayer Bowermaster
Anise Braggs
Blume, Goldfaden, Berkowitz, et al. (Outreach)
Cheryl M. Dalsin
Michael Davies-Sekle
Brenda Dean
James and Elizabeth Durbin (in honor of David Cummins)
Paul Fejtek
L Fetherstonhaugh (Spotlight On)
Dawn Gale
Gail C. Glasheen
GrantWorks (in honor of Isabelle Williams, Prevention)
Charlotte Greeson
Lynn Haggis
Phyllis Hensinger
Christopher L. Janney
Kathleen and Patrick Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn H. Kilby (in honor of Matthew Skinner)
Fay Lang
Nikia Lemaire
Kenneth M. Levin and Associates (Camp UBPN 2007)
Rich Looby
Kathleen Dickey Mallozzi
Connie Maney (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Ian Martin
Andrew Joos
Barbara Padgett
Sabrina Randolph
Rhonemus and Vilensky, LLP (Prevention)
Esther Russell
Teressa Manning Ryan
Donna Schweitzer
Paula J Silva
Kim Simpson (in memory of Edna Simpson)
Karen Skinner
Joan Williams Sticha
Cathy Stopper
Vanessa Stratton
Linda Swipe Swetof
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America
Dustin Thomas
Judy Thornberry
United Way of National Captial Area
United Way CA Capital Region
United Way Valley of the Sun
Diane Draper Walsh
Kim Abt West
Debbie Halliday Wilson

2008 Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Carol and Ralph Abt (in honor of Cameron West)
David and Nancy Aten (in honor of Josh Aten) (Camp 2010)
Julia and Joshua Aten (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Scott Aten (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Greg and Patty Ballinger (in honor of Cameron West)
Todd and Carrie Bandow (in honor of Cameron West)
Lucretia Berg (in honor of Hannah Nine and Jake Sauerbier)
Cathy Bloomer
Bristol-Myers Squibb
David and Sandy Brown (in honor of Cameron West)
Columbus School Social Club (in memory of Michael and Carmella Luna)
Michael Delisi (prevention)
James and Elizabeth Durbin (in honor of David Cummins)
Scott and Sarah McGrath & Jessica and Katie Coleman (in honor of Cameron West)
Damon Gorcz (in honor of Cameron West)
Jo-Ann and John Hague (in honor of Cameron West)
Mike and Paula Homan (in honor of Cameron West)
Christopher Janney (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Tanya and Amber Jennison (in honor of St. Croix Swim and Cameron West)
Dexter Jones & Family (in honor of Cameron West)
Franklyn Kilby
Valerie Leach (in honor of Cameron West)
Richard Looby (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Connie Maney (in memory of Catherine Kelleher and Jack Curtin)
Constance Maney (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
The Mendelman Family
Tim Myott (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Jeff Myers (in honor of Cameron West)
Diana Mastopietro (in memory of Jude Ryan, Camp 2010)
Karen McClune (in honor of Jean Rogers and Family, Camp 2010)
Doug Naylor (in honor of Cameron West)
Morgan & Weisbrod (Outreach)
Lisa Muscarella (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Network for Good
Norwalk Eagles No. 711 (in honor of Alexzander Ritter)
Barbara Padgett (in honor of Naomi Nichols )
Rose Paralitici (in honor of Kendall Rose Cipriani)
Lisa, Brian, Jake and Dylan Perry (in honor of Cameron West)
Craig, Amy, Grace and Lydia Reiter (in honor of Cameron West)
Esther Russell
Michael Davies-Sekle (in honor of Brandon Davies-Sekle)
Philip Shaw (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Ben Sirignano (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Lee Slavin (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Ann Stellingwerf (in memory of Michael Luna)
John and Denise Streu (Publications)
Tom Timperman (in honor of Cameron West)
United Way
Wal-Mart Foundation (Camp 2010)
Bob and Wendy West (in honor of Cameron West)
Jim, Kim and Zachary West (in honor of Cameron West)
Sheila West (in honor of Cameron West)
Patty Williams (in honor of Cameron West)
Bruce Whitaker (in honor of Cameron West)
Scott White (in honor of St. Croix Swim)
Margaret and Gary Zurheide

2007 Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Airborne (Camp 2007)
Alacer Corp. (Camp 2007)
Albertson’s, Kent, WA (Camp 2007)
Allstate Giving Campaign
Earl & Kathleen Anderson (Camp 2007)
Banana Boat (Camp 2007)
Mike & Gladis Beirne (Camp 2007)
Tim & Nancy Birk (Camp 2007)
John Blume (Outreach)
Bridgestone Americas Holding (Camp 2007)
Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Fred & Beth Buchstein
Cadbury Adams USA (Camp 2007)
Christine Clark (in memory of Brenley's Granny)
Coldstone Creamery, Covington, WA (Camp 2007)
Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Cranium Games (Camp 2007)
Thomas & Joan Davidson (in honor of Alannah Davis and in memory of Maria Hayes)
Michael Davies-Sekle
Christine & William DeBraal (Camp sponsorships)
Jesse & Berta DeLoach (in honor of RADM Jay A. DeLoach)
Charles & Lisa Duncan
eBay Foundation (Camp 2007)
Gerald & Cynthia Fisher (Camp 2007)
Burton Forman
Frontier Valley Elementary (in honor of Jacob Sauerbier)
Cornelus & Vera Gevers Camp 2007
Lynne Glickman Camp 2007
Margaret Goldman
Google AdWords campaign
Grand Brands (Camp 2007)
Hasbro (Camp 2007)
Richard & Nora Hinton (in memory of John Petit's mother)
Mary Ellen Hoffman
Iris Horiwitz
Mark Hurley
Elliott & Cathy Kanter (Camp 2007)
Mark Kanter (Camp 2007)
Paul & Christine Kienzle (Camp 2007)
Ralph & Kathleen Mallozzi (Camp 2007)
Cynthia & Mel Marmer (in honor of Grace Chisholm)
Karen, David, Ryan & Aaron McClune (in memory of Marly Jensen)
Microsoft (Camp 2007)
Muirlands Middle School (Kanter Camp Fund)
Pete & Lisa Muscarella (Camp 2007)
Allen & Mary Anne Nichols
Norwalk Eagles (in honor of Alexzander Ritter)
Oberto Sausage Company (Camp 2007)
Overlake Medical Hospital (Camp 2007)
Rose Paralitici (in honor of her granddaughter Kendall Rose Cipriani)
Russell & Rachel Pearlman (Camp 2007)
Jeffrey & Amy Petit (Camp 2007)
John & Marlene Petit (Camp 2007)
Indru & Mary Primlani (Camp 2007)
Quality Food Centers, Covington, WA (Camp 2007)
Regal Entertainment Group (Camp 2007)
Thomas Reilly (Camp 2007)
Sam’s Club, Auburn, WA (Camp 2007)
Daniel & Tori Sauerbier (Camp 2007)
Scholastic Books (Camp 2007)
Seattle Mariners (Camp 2007)
Elaine Stack (in honor of Juliana Strobing)
Evelyn & O.K. Sonbay (in honor of MacKenzie Hitch)
Kenan Sonbay (in honor of MacKenzie Hitch)
Staples (Camp 2007)
Starbucks, Covington, WA (Camp 2007)
Starbucks, Kent, WA (Camp 2007)
Starbucks, Kent Lake Meridian, WA (Camp 2007)
Straightline Builders, Inc. (Camp 2007)
Frank & Claudia Strobing (Camp 2007)
Target, Kent, WA (Camp 2007)
Mark & Cynthia Teflian
Tim’s Cascade Chips (Camp 2007)
Top Food & Drugs, Kent, WA (Camp 2007)
Trader Joe’s, Federal Way (Camp 2007)
United Way California Capital Region
United Way of the National Capital Area
United Way of Medina County (Ohio)
John and Sandy Valko (Camp 2007)
Valley of the Sun United Way
Wal*Mart (Camp 2007)
Allen Zabner (in memory of Cleo Acker)
ZipFizz (Camp 2007)
Margaret Zurheide
The Zweig Family (Camp 2007)

2007 Family Tree Sponsors

Carol Albanese
Julia & Scott Aten
Mary Bacchini
The Beaulieu Family
The Birk Family
JoAnn Blaise
Kathy Booth
Becky Burje
Dina Cahill
Launne Cangan
Sara Cararow
Cheryl Carlson
Stacey Carpenter
Regina Cherry
Paulette & Steven Congden
Isabella Coti
The Curtis Family
The DeBraal Family
Sharon DeCastro
Mark Dungan
The Fallon Family
Rene Ferreira
Brenda Fincher
Gerald & Cynthia Fisher
Olivia Gallegos
Eileen & Gus Gosweiler
Marita Grasher
The Gray/Grant Family
Scott & Bonnie Green
Al Gubitusi
Chris Haponski
Joe Hesenthaler
Blanche & Johnney Hitchner
Great Grandma Hiteman
Diane Holland
The Hughen Family
Alex & Rick Ing
Casey Jennison
Larry Johnston
Michael & Merr Johnston
Kathy Junick
Miriam Kahn
Marion & Albert Kienzle
Sarah & Paul Kienzle
Candy King
The Lagasse Family
Dee Lapp
Lucille & Joe Lipsitz
The Looby Family
Stephanie Lyon
The Mallozzi Family
Raechel McClaskey
The McClune Family
Barbara McPherson
Lisa Mehaffey
Lily Mollencott
Dawn Morrison
The Muscarella Family
The Nadeau Family
Gary & Bonnie Ottmar
The Petit Family
John Popilek
Mary Prichard
Carolyn & Jim Pritchard
The Rini Family
Mary & David Rogge
Claire & Bill Sauter
Johanne Seabrook
The Serenbetz Family
The Stallcup Family
Bonnie & Kory Steen
The Strobing Family
Dave Suchsland
The Taite Family
Amy Theis
Betty Thomson
The Thornberry Family
Town of Madawaska Friends
Miriam Tribbett
Wendy Westbrook
Chris White
The Wilkinson Family
Bonnie Witt


2006 Donors
Melanie Alexander (In honor of Pierce Alexander)
Allstate Giving Campaign
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Maureen Barilla
Dawn Barnier
Tamara Carter
Chevron People Making a Difference
Ken & Donna Clark In memory of Peter Furby
Gary & Ann Cordon (In memory of Lee Adams)
Elaine Cronin Celebrating Lisa Looby's birthday
Michael & Mary Lou Daly
Cdr Jesse & Berta De Loach
Barbara & Anthony DeMicco
Jessica & Harreld Donoho (In honor of Jackie Stack)
Lisa & Charles Duncan
Elizabeth & James Durbin (In honor of grandson David)
eBay Foundation (Camp 2007)
EBI Employees (In memory of Lee Adams)
Gary & Vicki Eveland In memory of Peter Furby
Foundation for Neuromuscular Reconstruction
Jeremiah & Wilfrida Fritz
Lynne Glickman (Kanter Camp Fund)
Margaret Goldman
Bob & Laury Hale
Arlene Humphries (In honor of granddaughter Elizabeth Quincy Humphries)
Ellen & Lawrence Joseph (In honor of Jackie Stack)
Mark Kanter (Kanter Camp Fund)
John & Debra Krych In memory of Peter Furby
Cara V. Lockett
Cynthia Marmer (in honor of Grace Chisholm)
David, Karen, Ryan and Aaron McClune in memory of Hershal Greenfeld
Tobie & Bryan McLaughlin (In honor of Estelle Hope McLaughlin)
W.O. & I.A. Moeller (In memory of Lee Adams)
Barbara & Don Padgett (In honor of Naomi Nichols)
Pearl River Woman's Club
Stacey Jackson Perkins (In honor of Jackie Stack)
John & Marlene Petit
Thomas Reilly (Camp 2007 in honor of Caroline Reilly)
Esther Russell
Denise & John Streu (In honor of Diana Gyug)
Nicolette Strobing (In honor of Juliana Strobing)
Judy & David Thornberry
United Way California Capital Region
Valley of the Sun United Way
Anthony Van Loon In memory of Peter Furby
Lori & Jim Wisse (In honor of Troy Wisse)

2005 Donors

Andrea Albright
Jeannette Allen
Allstate Giving Campaign
John & Roberta Amedio
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Annette Annesley
Lisa Arrington
Eleanor & Len Armstrong (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Kim & Dan Ault (In honor of our daughter, Kelsey Ault)
Jane & Al Auriemma (In memory of Iris Kinney)
Pat Bartholome (in honor of Tanner Muscarella)
Cheryl Beck(Camp 2005)
Nancy & Tim Birk (Camp 2005)
Guy & Lorraine Biscardi (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Christopher & Laura Blommers
Cathy & John Bloomer (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Bridgestone/Firestone USA
Albert Buffone (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Connie & Charles Cannon
Joseph & Rita Caristo and Family (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Karen & Rabin Chandrian (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Christopher Columbus Charter School (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Michael, Mary Anne and Little Michael Cornaglia (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Peter & Faith Cornick (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Carolyn Crowley
Kim & Pete Crowley
Donato Dangio (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Elizabeth Davies-Sekle (in honor of Brandon Davies-Sekle)
Lawrence & Josephine De Simone (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Chris & Bill DeBraal (Camp 2005)
Berta & Jesse DeLoach
Jay DeLoach (Camp 2005)
Barbara R. Doherty
Dugan, Babij, and Tolley(Camp 2005)
Lisa Duncan
Dan & Nancy Edlinger (in honor of Courtney Edlinger)
Barbara & Nicholas Esposito (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Roberta Everling (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Joseph D. Ferguson
Peggy & Steve Ferguson
Angela & Tom Fusco (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Greg & Kathleen Garey (Camp Sponsorships)
Dana & John Genovese (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Diane M. Gentile (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Pat & Herb Gerhardt in honor of Emma & Joel Ferguson
Leonard Jr. & Linda Geria (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Thomas Del Giorno (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Elayne & Seth Glick (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Lance & Joan Grenzeback
Lynne Glickman & Mark Kanter Kanter Camp Fund
Melissa Gould (Spotlight On Production)
Bob & Laury Hale
Terri Harkey (in honor of Briana Harkey)
Toni & Anita Hatch (In honor of our granddaughter, Kelsey Ault)
Joseph Hilt for Hilt Trucking (in honor of Emma Ferguson for Spotlight On Production)
Susan Hilt for Four Points Transportation (in honor of Emma Ferguson for Spotlight On Production)
Joseph & Maria Hopkins (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Christopher Janney
Margaret Johnson (Camp 2005)
Suzanne & Andrew Joos (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Donna Kane (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Christine & Terry Kennedy
Christine L. Kienzle (Spotlight On Production)
Sarah Kienzle (Spotlight On Production)
Franklyn & Barbara Kilby (In honor of Matthew Skinner)
James & Karen Klingler
Pamela J. Konesky (In memory of Joan Mannella)
George & Angie Konstantinopoulos
John Lagana (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Jacqueline M. Landolfi
Polly & Cody Lemke
Michael P. Looby and Nicole A. Belanger
Steven & Gina Looby
Thomas & Joan Looby (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Louisburg Middle School (Spotlight On Production)
Ralph & Christa Mallozzi (Camp 2005, in honor of Kathleen Mallozzi)
Mark & Sema Mandelman (Prevention Program)
C & J Maney (in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Cynthia & Melvin Marmer (in honor of Grace Chisholm)
Karen & David McClune (In memory of Bee Zabner)
Karen, David, Aaron & Ryan McClune (Camp 2005)
Martin & Corinne McCrone (Camp 2005)
Amy & Martin McGinnity (in honor of Courtney Edlinger)
Terry & Chris McKiernan (in honor of Kearney McKiernan)
Anthony & Rose Maria Messina (In memory of Joan Mannella)
The Meyer Charitable Foundation
Mary C. Miller
Brenda Copeland-Moore & Michael Moore
J.P. & Linda Muscarella
Lisa & Peter Muscarella (Spotlight On Production, Camp 2005)
Timothy C. Myott (Spotlight On Production in honor of Kailyn Looby)
Andrew Nalbandian
Tina & Troy Neely (Camp 2005)
Mary Anne & C. Allen Nichols (in honor of Bennett Anthony Nichols)
Ronald & Estelle Nighswander (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Onyx Capital, LLC
Barbara Padgett (in honor of Naomi Nichols)
Marianne Panella (In memory of Joan Mannella)
John & Marlene Petit (Camp 2005)
Ronald & Marguerite Pigliacelli (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Mr & Mrs Jim Pollio (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Caroline Racine (Camp 2005)
Anthony & Kathryn Rotondaro (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Hillard & Meredith Rubin
Dorothy Ruggieri (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Joseph & Anna Ruggieri (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Charles & Adelaide Mirarchi (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Al & Rose Rush (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Rosary Falcone (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Mary & John Sannini & Family (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Lou & Ed Schmidt (Camp 2005)
Richard & Tanya Schultz
David & Lori Sheehy (Camp 2005)
Amy, Anthony & Chloe Sheridan (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Anthony & Barbara Spay (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Bonnie & Kory Steen (in honor of Patrick Steen)
Straightline Construction (Camp 2005)
E. Anthony & Mary Terzini (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Tierney Communications (In memory of Joan Mannella)
Billie Uhri
United Way of Lake County, Ohio
Valley of the Sun United Way
Amy Vester (in honor of Sara Raney & her mother Kathleen Maneely)
Tom Vogt (in honor of Tanner Muscarella)
Les Weisbrod (Outreach)
Lon Walters (Camp 2005)
Kim & Jim West (Camp 2005)
The Wittenbrink Family (Camp 2005)

2004 Donors

Melanie & Frank Alexander (in honor of Pierce Alexander)
Allstate Giving Campaign
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
Anonymous (in memory of Carol Mayse)
Antoinette Ascencio (Spotlight On Production)
Bi-County United Way
Blume, Goldfaden, Berkowitz, Donnelly, Fried & Forte (Outreach)
Buehler Foods, Inc.
Holly Burford (Spotlight On Production -- in honor of Mikayla Burford)
Barry Chapman (Outreach)
Paula Crisp
Lawrence & Kathleen De Paris (Spotlight On Production)
Dugan, Babij & Tolley, LLC UBPN Camp 2005
James & Elizabeth Durbin (in honor of grandson, David)
Shannon & Pete Esparza
Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. (Matching Gift for donation from Madelaine Tolegian)
Peggy & Steve Ferguson
First Data Western Union Foundation
Lynne Glickman
Huddleston & Nohr
Paul & Michelle Humphreys
Marjorie & Vincent Jacob
Barbara & Franklyn Kilby
Debra M. Koster
Curtis A. Marcum (in memory of Carol Mayse)
The McClune Family (Spotlight On Production in memory of Stewart Malkin)
Terri & Chris McKiernan (in honor of Kearney McKiernan)
Tobie & Bryan McLaughlin (in honor of Estelle Hope McLaughlin)
Slater Jett Meyers Foundation (Spotlight On Production)
Richard & Carolyn Morgan
Carol Ann Mulcahy
The Muscarella Family (in appreciation of Ken Levine)
Benjamin Nichols & Barbie Padgett (Spotlight On Production)
Barbara Padgett (in honor of granddaughter Naomi Nichols)
Rose Paralitici (in honor of granddaughter Kendall Rose Cipriani)
Pearl River Woman's Club
John & Marlene Petit
David & Jennifer Quackenbush (Spotlight On Production)
Theresa Cooper Sharp
Southern California Brachial Plexus Network (Spotlight On Production)
Claudia & Frank Strobing
Michelle Svetlitski (Spotlight On Production)
Tell-Halun, Cheri M. through United Way
H. Lee Thompson & Associates
Madelaine Tolegian (Kanter Camp Endowment)
United Way of the National Capital Area
Morgan & Weisbrod (Outreach)
Kim & Jim West (Spotlight On Production)
World Reach Inc.

2003 Donors

Ray & Andrea Allbright
Allstate Giving Campaign
James E. Aronhalt Family (In Memoriam)
Mike & Gladis Beirne
George Berlinger Family (In Memoriam)
Gertrude Berlinger (in honor of Kyle Heika)
Tim & Nancy Birk
The Cofre Group
Blume, Goldfaden, Berkowitz, Donnelly, Fried & Forte
Brachial Plexus Palsy Foundation
Christopher & Sarah Blundin
Build-A-Bear Workshop
El Camino Pediatrics, Dr. Nicholas Levy
Centenary United Methodist Church
Chicago BPI Support Group
Kelly Chiropractic
Compaq Inc.
Stephanie I. Corda
Janice & Donald Cramer
Rick & Linda Dicker – Chrysalis Ventures
Gertrude Dieball
Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Spector LLC
Elizabeth & James Durbin (in honor of their grandson)
Raymond & Eleanor Duquette
Jennifer & Joseph Engelhardt
Franz & Tammie Ettner
Fair, Isaac and Co., Inc.
Steve & Peggy Ferguson
Gerardo & Nora Flores
Gordon & Kimberly Gee
Joni & Richard Gliwa
Margaret Goldman
Terri Harkey
Juanita Herde
Jacqueline Kaniuk, Jean's Card Club Ladies
Ann Koffler (in honor of Matthew Koffler)
George Konstatinopoulos
Bob & Nancy Kronemyer
Mark & Tina Lawson
Law Office of Kenneth M. Levine
Robin Little-Hoppe
Louisburg Middle School Student Council
Ralph & Kathleen Mallozzi
Martin & Cori McCrone
Cynthia & Mel Marmer in honor of the birthday of granddaughter, Grace Chisholm
Meyer Charitable Foundation
MOMS Club of Derry Township
Morgan & Weisbrod
Richard Morgan
Yvette Nelem
Andrew Nalbandian
Nixon, Raiche, Manning, Casinghino & Leach, P.A.
Martin K. Nurmi
“Original Anon”
Pearl River Woman's Club
John & Marlene Petit
Pillsbury Winthrop
Dolly & Nick Popovich
Esther K. Russell
Tony Secor
Martin & Theresa Shives
Kimberly Stallcup
Nancy & Allan Stark
Denise Streu
Frank & Claudia Strobing
Talaska Law Firm
David & Judy Thornberry
Madelaine Tolegian
J. Rolland Vaive
Wal*Mart Ticonderoga
Walters Law Firm
Alisa Wasserman-Emis in honor of Alexander Emis
Law Office of Michael J. Weiss
Patricia Welch
Jim & Kim West
Deanna Williams
World Reach Inc.
Margaret Zurheide

2002 Donors


Law Offices of Carl McMahan (Dedication: Online Registry Database Development & Server)
Charles & Connie Cannon
Chrysalis Ventures Foundation
Law Firm of Alan Medvin (Dedication: Outreach Awareness Special Issue)
The Perdue Law Firm

Sustaining Participants

Roy & Donna Arvizu
Edward Campbell
Thomas R. & Ann Dietz
Katie Gallagher
Virginia Merrifield
Richard D. Meyer
Bruce Mezan
Andrew Nalbandian
Ron & Kim Powell
Alvin & Joan Roehr
Robert Scholz
Sheldon & Sandra Sherman

Contributing Participants

Andrea Allbright
Mona Beach (Dedication: Sarah Beach-Vaive)
Fiona & Scott Bechtler-Levin
Aviva Berlin
Yun S. Cho
John Downing
Bob & Diane Estrada
Frank F. Garcia
Lynne Glickman
Margaret Goldman
James Gulick
Lia Javier (Dedication: Kiana Rae Javier)
Mark Kanter
Bob & Nancy Kronemyer
Sandra Krumpelman
Glenn Lipson
Chester R. MacPhee Jr.
Catherine McDonald-Peterson
Thomas Melnick
David & Nancy Michael (Dedication: Sylvia Rubin)
MK Performance Group
Tina Neely
Andrew & Rebecca Nalbandian
Edwin W. Sand
David & April Schug
Randy & Smilja Serrano
Martin & Theresa Shives
Leslie E. Simon


Curtis & Teresa Crawford
Joyce Gold
Kimm & Eric Hernandez (Dedication: Isabella Hernandez)
Tasha N. Payne-Fields
Sunny Cho Gaines
David & Karrie McDermott
Kathryn Michalski
The Pieper-Rossbacher's
G.R. & Norier Shirvanian Past Donors


Annenberg & Levine, LLC (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Brachial Plexus Palsy Foundation
Law Offices of Elliot N. Kanter, APC (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Carl McMahan (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Pete & Elise Muscarella
J.S. and Ann B. Smith (Dedication: For our granddaughter)
Robert Talaska, Talaska Law Firm (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Les Weisbrod (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor and Outreach)
Whitehurst, Harkness, Ozmun & Archuleta

Sustaining Participants

Francis and Melanie Alexander (Dedication: Pierce Alexander)
Thomas, Jennifer, and Katlyn Barnwell (Dedication: Katlyn Barnwell)
Bein Family Trust (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Alain Binette
Nancy Birk (Dedication: In memory of my mother, Therese)
Blume Goldfaden Berkowitz Donnelly Fried & Forte (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
John Blume of Blume Goldfaden Donnelly Fried & Forte
David Burke
Brent and Barbara Chambers
Chrysalis Ventures Foundation
Darrell and Suzanne Clark
Compaq Corporation Matching Gift Program
Lynda Crowel (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Lance and Michele Doty (Dedication: To our nephew, Wes Beale)
Jerry and Joan Duffy
Joseph and Margaret (Peggy) Ferguson
Peggy Ferguson (Dedication: Emma and Joel Ferguson)
Greg Garey
Greg and Kathleen Garey
HEB BUTT Grocery Company
Helping Hands Washington State Support Group (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Sponsorship Donor)
Cathy Kanter (Dedication: Elyssa and Maura Kanter)
Carrie & K.C. Cho LaMarche (Dedication: Kierston Cannon)
Sandra and Edward Leahy (Dedication: Sara Leahey)
Patti Lerman
Mark Kanter and Lynne Glickman
John and Maureen McNally
Merrill Lynch Bull, Finance Softball Team (Dedication: In honor of David Burke)
D. H. and Barbara Padgett (Dedication: Naomi Nichols)
Terri Peasley (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Sponsorship Donor)
Mary Rainer
Raymond and Barbara Schrank
Schrieber Foods, Inc. (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Saleh M. Shenaq, M.D.
Karen Sintek (Dedication: Elena Collins)
Michael and Virgina Smith
Soulwell, Inc.
Rebecca Stein (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Alain and Kyle Stein Binette
Talaska Law Firm
Telephone Pioneers of America - Phoenix, AZ (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
United Way of the Bay Area
Kim West (Dedication: Cameron Lynn West)
Working Distributors / Buehler Foods (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)

Contributing Participants

John and Elizabeth Aiello
Raymond and Andrea Albright
B.A. Anhalt (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001, for Ashley Lester's birthday)
Patrick and Annette Annesley (Dedication: Keith Knight)
Jerome and Dawn Barnier
Cecilia T. Bell
Sandra and Rich Bollig (Dedication: Alek Bollig)
Alexandra Bollig
Charles and Connie Cannon (Dedication: UBPN)
Tamara Carter (Dedication: Wyatt Dean Carter)
Dean and Faye Craghead
Anthony W. Dattilo
William and Christine Debraal
Carl and Tammy DeYulis (Dedication: Karlee Jordan DeYulis)
Mack and Georgeanne Easley
Ken and Dianne Esplin
Mrs. F.J. Evans (Dedication: Joshua S. Ronkette)
Jody Evans (Dedication: Reece Evans)
Timothy and Maria Faber
Kay Fennell (Dedication: Joshua Ronkette)
Beth and Peter Folse
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Margaret Goldman
Bill and Becky Gomes
Melissa and Marc Gould
Michele Green
Rosa and Franklyn Greenwaldt (Dedication: Matthew)
Christine Harkinson
Jean Heika (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Sponsorship Donor)
Laverne and Robert Henning
Robert and Alice Herde
Kimm and Eric Hernandez (Dedication: Isabella Hernandez)
Carol Hesch
Otto and Marivic Jaks
Lia & Raymond Javier (Dedication: Kiana Rae Javier)
Kelly Cathcart & Bernie Kirkland (Dedication: Matthew Kirkland)
Eugene and Diane Korzeniewski
Michael and Sally Krocker (Dedication: Virginia Nelson, M.D.)
Cyntic Kuchay
Tammy LoStracco
Stephen and Donna Maciejewski (Dedication: Erica Jean)
Robert and Pamela Macphee
Cynthia Marmer (Dedication: Grace Chisholm)
Paul and Dawn Mauschbaugh (Dedication: Claire Mauschbaugh)
Tracey L. May
Jennette McCloy
Karen McClune (Dedication: Memorial Donation)
Diana J. Mercado (Dedication: Allyssa Nicole Nedd)
David & Nancy Michael (Dedication: In memory of Sylvia Rubin)
CPT Charles and Samantha Miller
Scott and Georgiana Fisk Miller
Thomas and Mary Miller
Anthony and Susan Napolitano
David and Diana Nedd
Tina and Troy Neely
Daniela and Linard Nicolay-Tazzioy
Dana Perry
Karen & Richard Perry (Dedication: Ian, son of Bridget McGinn)
Reves Associates
Christopher and Tammy Sanders
Lisa M. Sarracco (Dedication: Gabriella Coppola)
David and Colleen Schmid
James and Rosario Schroeder
John and Dianna Screen
Kathleen M. Serikaku
Tracey May and Drew Shirey (Dedication: Jordan Shirey)
Doris Silver (Dedication: Ashley Lester)
Patricia L. Siuda (Dedication: Nicholas Alfini)
Kathy Such (Dedication: Bailey Kieffer)
Cheryl and Ronald Virchow
Michael and Darlyn Wasserman (Dedication: Jonathan Wasserman)
MaryAnn & James A. Whelpley
James and Julie Wolfgram
Chantal and Damian Wood (Dedication: Ian Clark)
Mike and Kimberly Wylie


Kimberley and Spencer Aden
Cindetta Anthony (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001, in honor of Ashley Lester's birthday)
Cheryl Beddow (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001, for Ashley Lester's birthday)
Marilyn Mathes Beste (Dedication: Aileen Dixon)
Steven and Mary Boettcher
Mary Robin Collett (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001, for Ashley Lester's birthday)
Lisa Cook (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001, for Ashley Lester's birthday)
Helen Crossin Culp
Gregory and Holly Dorsey
Christopher and Myrna Dossey
Nissa Freed
Felicia Gagliardi
Timothy and Denise Gehlhausen
Sidney and Beatrice Gladstone (Dedication: In memory of William Berger)
Mrs. Denise Gyug
Darren and Terri Harkey (Dedication: Briana Harken)
Ann Hartwig
Deborah M. Johnson
Ellen and Sean Joyce (Dedication: Michael Joyce)
Patty J. Kidwell
Robert Levin
Pamela and Chad Massie
Robert and Staci McAuley (Dedication: Kaitlin McAuley)
Angela McDougal
Douglas and Debra Miller
Felicia Muller
Thomas Muller
Melissa Murphy
Joyce Newman (Dedication: Camp UBPN 2001 Donor)
Steve and Holli Nucci
Dena Ozur, O.T.R/L.
Vishwa Patel
Kathleen Raney (Dedication: Sara Raney and her strength and courage and her two brothers for their love and assistance.)
Mildred Rastatter
William and Debra Roberts
Steve and Amy Salzman (Dedication: Ryan Loecker)
Carole A. Sperlin (Dedication: Nicholas Alfini)
David Stebbins
Ann Stropki (Dedication: In memory of William Berger)
Madeline Sudman (Dedication: In memory of William Berger)
Richard D. Weiss (Dedication: In memory of William Berger)
Theresa and Audrey Yacobucci (Dedication: In memory of William Berger)
Margaret Zurheide


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