Myomo-Myoelectric Orthotics for BPI


For information on how the Myomo (my own motion) orthotic device could help BPI patients please click here: Myomo-Myoelectric Orthotics for BPI or click here to go to their website

MyoPro can be used by adults with moderate to severe upper extremity impairments due to a Brachial Plexus Injury. The cause of the original  injury does not matter, however the MyoPro is best suited for individuals  who have permanent loss of movement and function in their arm.

The MyoPro is a functional orthotic and so will enable the individual to bend and  straighten their arm and complete a variety of functional tasks in the home and community that they couldn't otherwise do without this custom-made device. 

Some of these activities include ADLs, light household chores and meal preparation, using the affected arm in bilateral tasks such as lifting and  carrying objects, pushing to stand up and work or leisure activities.